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Content is Like a Pancake

Content is Like a Pancake

Three Things to Remember for Content Strategy:

  1. Circulation

  2. Order

  3. Uniqueness


You think it’s crazy, no? Allow me to explain. When you’re deciding on what type of pancake to make, there are several options you consider before grabbing the mixing bowl and turning on that stove.

First you have to decide what flavor you’re looking for. Are you going for a classic buttermilk? Are you in the mood for chunky fruit surprises? Are you adding seedy textures? You may find you and/or your company are circulating ideas of what should go on that delightful frying pan.

Whatever the outcome goal, you have to strategize the end product you are envisioning to savor in your mouth after this cook fest. Perhaps you have friends over and one of them suggests throwing hot cheetos in the mix.

Your initial thought may be, “Who the fuck would make hot cheeto pancakes?!” but ideas need to be brought to the counter before you spend time/energy/money on mixing that batter! Or not. Whatever. You want to make a dozen different pancakes? Don’t let anyone stop you! Feel free to invite me to a tasting.


Okay so not everyone does this, but imagine you’re a checklist connoisseur such as myself and you line up every delectable ingredient, measuring tool, and cookware on the counter before the cooking process.

Everyone strategizes in a different order. There is not necessarily a perfect way of getting those pancakes on the griddle. You may decide to mix everything, then go grab the shit you’re using to cook those pancakes. You may start with one baby pancake and test taste (highly recommend if you’re cooking vegan pancakes) before continuing the whole batch.


Remember, it’s a pancake. This can potentially be the most delicious project of your day and every pancake is unique!

You and your friends may want to cook heart shaped pancakes because love is love. You may decide to cook alpaca shaped pancakes because I convinced you that they are the best animal ever.

Content = Pancake

Content strategy is very similar to the process of making those pancakes. You start by circulating all of the useful information, ideas, and design solutions that will fulfill the end goal. You have an order of checklists, feedback, research–whatever is circulating in the room.

Sometimes you update that checklist because you are person-centered and want to make sure you and your client are on the same page about the end pancake.

Content strategy also looks different for every project. The order of things may change because content gets sticky. Content is not perfect. You want unique content? You need realistic time to decide on chocolate chips or nuts. You need a circulation of clear communication and goals. You need strategic planning and content mapping around that stove.

You may buy pancake mix in a package at the store but you’ll still need some knowledge of how to make that batch better the next time. Or not! Whatever works for you. I tend to obsess over content because I’m a recovering perfectionist.

You may like a hot cheeto pancake feast with a glass of milk! Your friends may discuss about the amazing, impactful hot cheeto pancakes and you’ll become the next breakfast legend!

And I know the feature image looks like a crepe, okay? It probably is. I’ll update it later. I have to make pancakes now because I wrote this damn article. You can check out this article for mouthwatering pancake photography if you’re into that.

Unless you like crepes. That’s cool too!

Fantastic food photo credit to Tao Heftiba!

Best of luck to all you content strategists and your delicious content ❤

Anxiety is My Friend

Anxiety is My Friend

courtesy of gify:

A few months ago I would have told you that anxiety is this unwanted pressure that lurks in my body. For three months I felt that my anxiety was a burden on my life. Like I couldn’t do anything because anxiety was setting in and my chest was hurting all of the time and causing me to stop accomplishing my routine with glee.


I was so wrong.

Although I don’t particularly care for the way anxiety feels, I’ve recently decided to accept that my brain cares enough for me that it speaks out via innate emotions. Anxiety is a normal reaction to fear, dangerous situations, etc. My body is actually programmed to say, “Hello, check yourself.”

My initial response used to entail, “Alright, fine. I’ll calm the fuck down and you can go. Just go! I’m OKAY. I don’t need your damn pressure.” But the chest pain would just sit there and I would lie there scared for hours.

Lately, when I feel pressure on my chest I stop. I listen. I breathe deeply and try to imagine something that makes me laugh. I thank anxiety and start listening to what my body needs. Maybe it’s rest, maybe it’s oxygen. Sometimes it’s a Wanna BLT from Bouldin Creek Cafe (delicious, I tell you). Sometimes I have to take a fucking hour off work to go do something else. And you know what? Worth.

Let’s face it. Most of us have emotions for a reason. Humans have many chemical reactions going on in their bodies all day long. I have decided my job is to give myself a break once in a while. So far this method is working well and I hope anxiety becomes more of an acquaintance. also posted via medium