Alyssa Foegelle

Content Enthusiast ATX

Hello! I'm Alyssa.

I love content. It can't be helped.

I'm a Web Content Specialist at a nonprofit in Austin. Occasionally I work on freelance side projects for local businesses. I nerd out over content strategy, ux, and web design. For work inquiries or career-ish chats, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or email.

I write

Content is Like a Pancake

Content is Like a Pancake Three Things to Remember for Content Strategy: Circulation Order Uniqueness Circulation You think it’s crazy, no? Allow me to explain. When you’re deciding on what type of pancake to make, there are several options you consider before grabbing the mixing bowl and turning on that stove. First you have to […]

Anxiety is My Friend

Anxiety is My Friend A few months ago I would have told you that anxiety is this unwanted pressure that lurks in my body. For three months I felt that my anxiety was a burden on my life. Like I couldn’t do anything because anxiety was setting in and my chest was hurting all of the […]